Cheese corner

Cheese Corner in cats and dogs

The new cheese corner in A Cántaros

The Rural House A Cántaros, is the best start to discover the cheese route for La Serena that's why we have created a small cheese corner.

Why in our rural house?


Cheese Route Extremadura

First of all, because we are in an old house restored with the essence of yesteryear and with current comforts.

As a result, we get a very comfortable house with 7 rooms, each one with a name from a song by our Pablo Guerrero.

further, it has a living room, kitchen, dining room, courtyard, sauna and a small spa.

It is especially relevant, the view from their rooms. From where we can see the rolling plains and narrow valleys bathed by the Zújar river.

Finally, we will see those herds of merino sheep grazing that will help us taste one of the best gastronomic delicacies of our land, the Serena cheese.

Made with raw merino sheep milk and vegetable rennet.

Cheese Corner in cats and dogs

"A Cántaros", offers in its breakfasts different combinations based on our cheese:

  • Salmorejo toast and La Serena cake
  • La Serena cheese crepes with honey
  • La Serena cheese cake and chocolate

further, we offer toast with Queso de la Serena in our special bread.

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