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Large catalog of leisure activities

It is especially relevant, the hunting and fishing in Esparragosa de Lares, fans of these sports are here stage and the ideal requirements for good hunting. It is easy to find Deer and wild boars in the area as well as other rich wildlife for hunters.

Within their recreational activities, the main tourist attraction of the region is the sport fishing. Esparragosa de Lares is surrounded by marshes, where can you fish carps, Pike, black bass and other native species. The catch- and -release is one of the most performed in these small seas practices and every weekend they are a point of reference for the influx of fans to the sport. The number of boats in these swamps credited to this region as the most increased in this fun activity and a focus toward the interior tourism.

Where you can enjoy leisure activities?

Places like our Playa de los Llanos, They make Esparragosa de Lares is a landmark of our region.

Our region is referred to as the Extremadura Siberia. It is a region of the province of Badajoz (Spain), located in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Its capital, as administrative centre, It is the municipality of Herrera del Duque, it is about 50 Esparragosa de Lares km, where it is our house.

This region borders to the North with the province of Caceres, to the South with the District of La Serena, to the East with the community of Castilla La Mancha and to the West with the region of the Vegas Altas

Often, groups is walking home environment and rural landscapes of Undetermined Cycling Siberia, on foot or on horseback that make the visitor to blend with nature and find your unforgettable adventure after passing his ways.

If we talk about the succulent gastronomy of the area there are highlight game dishes, its derived from Iberian pork sausages, their stews of Lamb with the olive oil from the region, The Extremaduran breadcrumbs, the ajoblanco, their artisanal cheeses and all this watered with the pitarra wine.

Paradises that no one hardly knows a great landscape diversity where a universe of life protected as scary hides Black Stork, It finds its habitat in areas of special protection of birds (ZEPA) o the vulture with its privileged point of view see the Lakes of Extremadura, the watching cranes is something spectacular, where the blue and the Green hand in hand.

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