Esparragosa de Lares en Internet

Esparragosa de Lares en Internet

There are many residents who search for Esparragosa de Lares on the Internet because they have left for the big cities in search of work or studies and who longingly remember their town, their people, festivals and using the Internet to post their photos, videos, ultimately memories. In this post we will hang any of these videos and photos and even links to some highly recommended blog.

Esparragosa de Lares en InternetWe want to thank many of those who have communicated to us by email, Facebook o Twitter how much fun they had in our house, others have only passed through the village without stay overnight, good because they have relatives in the village or because they have their own house, but they have enjoyed our SPA or they have simply heard of our house and the work we do and they have posted on their social networking profiles.

An example of this is the email we have received from Jose Luis Calderón that tells us verbatim:

I would like to tell you about a very special place like it is Esparragosa de Lares (Badajoz), my people. There is the Zújar Reservoir, an excellent place for big carp fishing, lucio, black-bass etc., beautiful landscapes, gastronomy, and its people…
In this town is my friend Anastasio, an entrepreneur, fighter eager to give life to the town with his casa rural ‘A Cantaros’.
Better than anyone, les puede ayudar a conocer los mejores terrenos para poder disfrutar de grandes jornadas de pesca y en su alojamiento descansar después de un gran día de pesca.
I invite you to visit this place

Jose Luis has left several links These include a video on Esparragosa de Lares we leave here so that you visualize what you:

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También ha dejado un enlace a la página de pueblos de España donde aparece descrito todo sobre las actividades de Esparragosa de Lares como: situation, monumentos, gastronomy, holidays, where to sleep …pero esto ya lo sabéis en nuestra casa rural 😉

Another blogger who follow us on social media and writing many stories about Siberia It is Miguel A. Oncina cold in his blog that talks about the bullfighting festivals celebrated in Esparragosa de Lares and surrounding villages, of freshwater beaches this area has, in short stories that if you have a while you like to read.

Of course if you have a blog, página o alguna historia que contarnos haznos un comentario de esta entrada y si es interesante podremos publicarla.


  1. Agradecer a Anastasio y trabajadoras por su atención y dedicación que han tenido con nosotros , en este maravilloso puente de todos los santos que hemos pasado mi familia y yo en esta maravillosa casa. Thank you for your great effort and dedication in rescuing this house that brings so many memories to me., since without him the house would have ended in ruins, Thank you for maintaining that essence of an old house that makes it magical and providing it with the maximum comforts without altering it.
    Encourage Anastasio to continue his work and his dream of betting on tourism, since this will give life to the town and your countrymen will thank you.
    From here to encourage people to spend a few days relaxing in this house and get to know this wonderful town and its people who make it special., do not hesitate and make your visit that you will not regret.
    Anastasio the exquisite breakfasts |||| WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN WITHOUT DOUBT||||

  2. Greetings to Anastásio, Mª José and for your webmaster-community manager, it's nice to see the links ( by the way it was about time…), just a small remark, Oncina is my second surname. I guess you guys are on it, how's the light on the beach going, your projects there?, I already follow the rural house and I see that there is a good and great job in general behind, continue like this everyone. Hugs from Miguel A. Cold

    1. Thank you Miguel Angel for your comment, You have already corrected the surname and in response to the beach at the moment everything is stopped, but in the 2016 We want to launch the new project that may or may not be in Esparragosa de Lares… depends on the competent authority.

  3. Goodnight, Someone has told you that your website can be addictive ? I'm worried, since I received you I can not stop looking at all your suggestions and I am very happy when I receive one more, you are the best in spanish, I love your presentation and the curre behind it. A kiss and hugs, MANY THANKS FOR YOUR WORK, you make us happy.


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