Esparragosa de Lares in Canal Extremadura

Esparragosa de Lares en canal Extremadura

The program “The evening x” of Canal Extremadura It has been in Esparragosa de Lares conducting interviews with residents and making known to everyone as it is its economy based on livestock, What are their customs, What is folklore and many have been who have come to see the journalist Bravo Sara who ran the program with much humor.

At a first court Bravo Sara tells us what the transhumance It was in the past and that some villages like Esparragosa de Lares maintained according to Lorenzo (the pastor who led the sheep to Madrid).

In a second court they move to the door of the City Hall where a bull appears emulating the celebrations of August in honor of the Blessed Virgin of the cave, and where Sara is encouraged to give some capotazos.

As you can see this toro is lying but the Farm house cats and dogs invites you to visit these festivals that are celebrated the 17, 18 and 19 August where you will see the real party of the bull which is held during those three days.

A third cut shows the interior of the Town Hall, which is where the bulls are enclosed for the above mentioned days and Ana President of the Esparragosa de Lares Women Association, It tells how the different crafts are made, sweets and liqueurs such as the famous Gloria by the women of the town. As the Association plays a popular song called “The cantarito” that closes the article leaving a good taste.

I hope you enjoy the traditions of Esparragosa de Lares and you may know something more by visiting it.

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